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A trip down memory lane

For some reason, I was searching through Google for an old webproject that Janet and I worked on back in 1999. And yes, I was searching through google, because I refuse to use the word “google” as a verb.

Anyway, in a search for stuff on that project, which included a couple of now net-legends like the now infamous Pamela Ribon, as well as a couple of now net-nobodies (ourselves humbly included in that project) – I stumbled upon an archive of the original Scowl message boards from 1998 and 1999. The bizarre thing is that these archives were being stored, in all places, on That’s right. In all of the re-designs and re-workings of the site, I thought I had lost the forums, but I was wrong. In the bowels of the directory tree was the forums.

Re-reading the forums was a fun trip down memory lane. I saw the first flirting between Jocelyn and Slappyjack, who got themselves hitched a few years back. The same forum also lists Jocelyn’s first public admission that she wanted to work in the porn biz.

We have Pamie complaining about her neighbors when she was still parked on an old Geocities account. Nita musing on her neighbors searching through her underclothes and even the genesis of my movement to bring back the classic TV show Maude.

Take a scan through them, faithful readers, then comment back. Oh, and Nita, Slappy, Jocelyn, Pamie and all of the long lost Scowlers… drop us a line!

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