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More rules for “artists” covering songs…

I just got out of the shower after a great night of Greek Food, Samba and Belly Dancing (trust me, it makes much more sense in real life than it does online) – and as I started walking towards the living room, I heard the easily recognizable strains of Sheryl Crow singing “All I Wanna Do”. You know the song… overplayed for months on top of months when Ms. Crow started her career. Well before her “Lilith Fair” days, back when she actually had a concept of what Guitar Rock is. Yeah, that song. Except it wasn’t Sheryl Crow signing it.

The offender in this case was Amy Studt – a late teens/early tweens “rocker” doing her best impression of Sheryl Crow singing “All I Wanna Do”.

This leads to Avery’s next rule on cover songs. If the song is less than 10 years old AND the person who made the song is famous is still alive AND still singing AND still singing that song at concerts, then don’t fucking remake it. And if you really have to sing it (and the reasons can only be coercion via a gun to the head), add something to the song – don’t just copy it.

So, by these rules: Covering Cat Stevens (who in all reality should never be covered due to what he brought to his music) – would be acceptable. He is alive, but is not singing. This passes the test. Covering James Taylor’s Fire and Rain – not acceptable (more than 10 years old, but he is still alive and singing that song in converts). Covering All I Wanna Do is akin to covering something still in rotation on Top 40 radio.

All I Wanna Do is hear some original music.

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