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Online Advertising, Thirs Sign of the Apocolypse

People with virginal eyes might want to skip to the next message, because Avery is going to be in rare form for this scowl. Get ready. You have been warned.
What in the fuck is up with these goddamned ad networks?!? AAARGH. This afternoon, I went to visit one of my favorite sites… and what did I find? A brand spanking new 75 pixel ad-frame on the bottom of their site courtesy of the Chick Click advertising network.
Ok, how annoying is this? At home, I have an old monitor… it will do a maximum resolution of 640X480. now over 01/5 of my screen is taken up by these damn advertisements.
It's quite disturbing. Janet and I do this website because we want to do the website. We don't make any money on this site… in fact, we lose $30 each month to our ISP to keep it up and running. It's sad, because now this once-favorite website is just another block in the global marketing infrastructure, specially selected due to its potential to penetrate a very susceptible target audience. I know about these things, I'm a marketing manager for a Fortune 500 company… I have done the research. The segment most susceptible to gender based advertising is the Female 12-18 age range… just the range that Chick Click targets. 
It would be one thing if this once favorite site was advertising products that they really believed in, but how the hell do you justify advertisements for Fat Free Pringles? Is a respected website really doing themselves any justice by allowing ads which promote products that cause anal leakage?
I can promise the few regular readers that we have here that if we EVER take advertisements, it will be for products that we stand behind and use. Now if Anchor Distillery (producers of Old Potrero&#41 wants to place an ad, we'll be all set.

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