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850 Montgomery

Last night while we were at 850 Montgomery, we noticed that someone had rented the back room for a birthday party.  After about 45 minutes of watching hundreds of her overdressed trust-fund-baby friends arrive it was obvious that they were taking over the entire bar.  Then some of  the girls started doing that shrieking thing, where when they spot one another they shriek, then they start talking to one another in some dialect interspersed with shrieks.

My question is, how come when yuppies (and I use the term yuppies because, in a cigar bar with most people dressed in casual Friday clothes, these people had the designer black cocktail dress-strappy-heeled-coiffed hair-and-tons-of-make-up-bright-white-toothy-smile thing going on.  That and the fact that they were either drinking champagne or Heineken from the bottle is a dead giveaway).  So how come when yuppies book a room for a party it’s an event, and when the rest of us do so it’s an intrusion?

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