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Crunched Again!

In December we paid Crunch, a small chain of gyms based in New York who are now opening a branch in San Francisco, a years worth of membership dues. The gym itself was supposed to open in April or May, so we ended the membership at our old gym at the end of April and waited patiently for Crunch to open. Well, we're still waiting. Every time we call, it's going to open next month or in 2 weeks but it never does! Since the wait got to be so long, we had to join an interim gym which, although it is sufficient, is not great. This is starting to demotivate us from exercising at all. I went from being generally active and going to the gym 3 times a week to watching HBO and playing on the computer. I feel like such a fake reading my subscription to Women's Sports and Fitness magazine. Those magazines don't help me any, either. I recently discovered that although you may motivate yourself to finally set foot in a gym and exercise more or less the same way every time you go, your body is "getting used to the exercise" and won't burn any fat! Gee, thanks! Now I have to humor my body and think of new and exciting ways for it to burn fat? Where am I going to find the time for that?

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