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Scoot Back!

In the past few days I’ve all of a sudden noticed that trying to get from the Financial District to home is a real trial. Yesterday I started to go underground to take MUNI home from work, and promptly turned around when I saw a thousand people fuming on the platform. I went above ground and tried to get on a bus to no avail, as they were all packed full of people, which was weird because the Financial District is practically the beginning of the line. I had no choice but to cram on with the rest of ’em, and then had to endure the desperate people at each stop who seemed to think that as long as they managed to get one foot onto the steps of the bus, that they could magically fit the rest of themselves into that foot-sized space. And what ride would be complete without that one loud-mouthed hates-her-life middle-aged woman who shrieks “Could you please SCOOT BACK?” For some reason a person shouting orders which include the words “scoot back” to a bunch of adults makes me cringe. On a thank-god-it’s-not-just-me note, the rest of the MUNI-riding community is also miffed at the new Jetsons-esque “automatic” trains. So miffed, in fact, that some of them actually got tired of waiting for the damn thing to move, broke the glass around the “push only in an emergency” button, opened the doors themselves and got out in the tunnel. There’s gonna be a revolution soon.

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