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Hey Chick, Click on This!

The thing that bugs me about some of these girl-oriented web sites and other so-called pro-girl-on-the-web things is the fact that, for the most part, it's the same un-empowering messages we've always heard: be thin, wear the right clothes and makeup, a boyfriend is the key to happiness. It's just that now I suppose it's so much more "90's" for 14-year-old girls to click on an icon and read it on-line instead of in hard copy print form. Chick Click, for example, places ads supposedly aimed at girls on "girl-powered" websites. The first ad of theirs I saw was for (get this!&#41 Fat Free Pringles potato chips! Some message that's sending, huh? In 1998, you may be able to write HTML and design your own website, but you should still watch your figure! What a bunch of girl power bullshit.

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