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Beer geeks rejoice!

Beer geeks rejoice!

Review of: d.b.a.
By: Avery Glasser
Rating: 5
Read review on Judy’s Book.

Yeah, the beer geek is here for another review. D.B.A. was recommended many moons ago by Dave Keene, proprietor of the legendary Toronado in San Francisco as “the place” for beer in the Lower East Side, and since my first visit there in the late 1990s, I make sure to stop in every time I pass through the Big Apple.

Yes, it’s still a very good beer bar, with an admirable tequila and scotch selection. On my last trip, I brought a home brewer, a beer drinker, and a Great American Beer Festival judge with me, all of them had a great time experiencing beers that they couldn’t get at home.

The point comes off for two reasons. First off, kill the sports on the TV. You’re a beer bar, not some testosterone-laden jock bar. Oh, and though the bartenders are very nice, they seem to lack the ability to actually find the bottle of beer that I am looking for – even when I call it from the printed list.

For well selected beer, it’s one of the best on the East Coast and highly recommended.

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