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In Search of Cheesesteak…

In Search of Cheesesteak…

Review of: Buster’s
By: Avery Glasser
Rating: 4
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In the search for the perfect cheesesteak, I made a quick detour from my plan to have another cappicola sandwich from Giordano’s and instead went across the street to Buster’s, self proclaimed home of the best cheesesteaks in town.

The small restaurant looks somewhere between a diner and a burger stand – with counter seating, some seats along the window, a register and a soda cooler… which is good – it means the focus is on the food!

The menu is pretty basic: Cheesesteak done two ways: Philly (incorrectly called “Phili”) with meat, cheese and onions OR California Style (aka a Cheesesteak Hoagie) with lettuce, tomato, mayo and all the typical hoagie fixins. Burgers are also available – including the Buster burger – a burger with a cheesesteak on top.

Buster’s gets extra points for offering a few different types of cheese, including the cheesesteak classic – melted Cheez Whiz! For my cheesesteak, I picked a large cheesesteak, Philly style with onions, white american cheese, cherry peppers and mushrooms – easily recognizable for any New Englander as a D’Angelo’s Number 9.

How was the cheesesteak? In many ways, better than most in San Francisco. It was nice and moist with a great flavor, though it was a little salty… but I don’t mind a little salt, considering every place in town seems to be afraid of a little sodium chloride.

As a cheesesteak purist, I do believe that the only cheesesteak is just that: cheese and steak. In my mind, there’s no need to offer a chicken cheesesteak or a pastrami cheesesteak. Call them subs, hoagies or something else, but not a cheesesteak. No points have been deducted over it, but still… CHEESE… STEAK! CHEESESTEAK! Not Cheesy Chicken. Think about it!

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