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Handmade silver jewelry at fair prices

Handmade silver jewelry at fair prices

Review of: Janet Sterling Silver Design
By: Avery Glasser
Rating: 4
Read review on Judy’s Book.

My wife and I have been patrons of Janet Masamitsu (and her assistant Vicky) for the past few years… since 2002 I think. She’s made custom rings for our anniversary, a beautiful blue topaz set for last year’s holidays and shipped product all the way to Germany when we were living there. My wife must have a dozen pieces by now. When we’ve asked for adjustable spacers to be added to necklaces and anklets so that they would sit differently based on my wife’s mood, she took care of it with no issue or added cost.

Not only are her designs unique, but when a gemstone fell off of one of my wife’s earrings, she found a matching stone, made the replacement and shipped it back at no cost. As an artist and a business person, she seems to stand behind her work.

The shop is a small space divided evenly between her workshop and the retail area and showcases all of her current designs.

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