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Good coffee and sandwiches near Caltrain

Good coffee and sandwiches near Caltrain

Review of: Chopper’s
By: Avery Glasser
Rating: 4
Read review on Judy’s Book.

Chopper’s is my default spot for lunch and dinner, considering they are in the same building as my office. At least twice a week I’m having a breakfast sandwich (fried egg, cheese, bacon and tomato on a bagel), often calling it in as I walk to work so it will be ready as I arrive… and the other days I am there at least once a day for a coffee refill. The staff is nice, and Luna and Nicole (the owners) put their heart into the place.

Everything is made fresh – nothing comes in pre-made or frozen… and though the espresso drinks aren’t great, a large cup of Joe is probably the best within a two block radius and reasonably priced at $1.50.

Arabic music, great breakfasts, and a little yappy dog named Sparkle… what isn’t there to like?

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