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Murphy’s and more Murphy’s

Why is it that when people think of Irish stout that the first thing that comes to mind is Guinness? Don’t get me wrong, my family has a long connection to the Dublin brewery, having imported it into New York in the mid 1900s… but it pales to the great beer from our sister city, Cork – Murphy’s.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been searching out pints of the obsidian elixir as we paitently wait for O’Neill’s to open down the street.

Last week, it was Johnny Foley’s, a beautiful Irish bar near Union Square. Though the crowds were annoying, the bar was fantastic, the Murphy’s was fresh and the glasses were clean.

Flickr Photo

This weekend, while coming back from Ritual to pick up more beans and have a couple of cappuccinos, we noticed The Phoenix, a nice Irish bar with lots of nooks to hide in on Valencia near 19th street. Again, fresh Murphys and great graffiti in the bathroom…

Flickr Photo

Nothing like the search for the perfect pint!

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