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Wet Hop Festival

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(Lots of glasses to be washed…)

Yesterday afternoon, we decided to stop off at the Toronado for the Wet Hop Festival. Now, we figured they were just going to have some wet hopped beers available by the pint. Boy, were we wrong.

Wet Hop Festival
Description:A selection of wet hop beers made from hops thathave not been dried, which imparts a different aroma and flavor profile than normal.

Location: Toronado, 547 Haight, San Francisco, California
Time(s): 11:30 AM till closing
Admission: no charge

Toronado Events Calendar

Unexpectedly, we walked in to a typical Barleywine festival sort of madhouse… the bar packed to the rafters with not just the regular beer geeks, but scores of people who had seen a recent review of the Toronado in the Chronicle and read about Saturday’s festival.

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(the list with our sloppy annotated notes)

There were 25 beers available (the 26th never made it to the bar)… and throughout the night, we were able to go through all of them. The highlights:

Blue Frog – Last Hop Standing
If you didn’t now it was a beer, you’d swear that you were sniffing a sauterne wine. It was absolutely amazing.

Deschutes – Hop Trip
I would never expect anything less from Deschutes, and they certinaly delivered.

Pizza Port (San Clemente) – Rip Tide IPA
The best classic IPA in the lineup.

It was great to see Tad and Ian together once again behind the bar, the beer fantastic, and aside from Rosamunde closing at SEVEN-FREAKING-THIRTY, it was a perfect way to pass the afternoon.

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