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Over the hump…

Well, we got good news yesterday from the Tierarzt (veterinarian). It seems that four weeks of daily injections, constant infusions of sub-cutaneous water, feeding via a syringe, cleaning up vomit and puddles of urine finally paid off and that the cat was “over the hump” as they would say here.

Last Thursday, she received her second dose of valium. Valium is a appetite stimulant for felines, and the effect is quite remarkable – within minutes (like 3), she started to eat. Not a little, but her normal amount. Then she started to clean herself. And then… she started walking around – exercising for the first time in a month.

Yesterday, we got her latest blood tests back, and the news was good. Her liver enzymes were good – two were normal and one was on its way back to normal (they said that it takes time for liver emzymes to normalize)… but the shape was normal and so was the size. Plus, the jaundice had faded and she was actually pink. The infection was almost gone as well. Her Urea count showed her kidneys are still weak, but a special renal support food and occasional sub-cutaneous saline infusions should get that back to normal eventually.

Four weeks ago, we thought she was almost gone. Three weeks ago, after exploring cancer (an ultrasound took care of that), FIP (blood work contraindicated that), and Chronic Renal Failure – all fatal, we figured all we could do is wait it out. Two weeks ago, we thought we would be giving her injections and infusions and food by syringe for the rest of her life. Last week, the doctors still had no idea what it was… and this week, she is almost fully recovered.

We still have no idea what it is that caused this. The doctors think it must have been just a severe liver infection that spread to the kidneys. Whatever it was, hopefully she is, as the doctor said, over the hump.

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