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Schwules Strassenfest

On a good tip that there really was a good Mexican restaurant in Munich, we decided to take a chance and check it out. And we drafted our friend Amanda to help with our cause.

Since our reservation was at around halb-neun (8:30), Amanda suggested that we go to the street party in her neighborhood. See, in the summer, every neighborhood has a street or block party. In this case, the street was Hans-Sachs-Straße, the center of Gay Munich.

Talk about amazing. I don’t know how exactly to describe it, other than it was like the Castro in San Francisco, but with everyone having fun. Wall to wall gays, lesbians, people wearing lederhosen, people wearing chaps, people wearing not much at all. People waltzing, dancing to techno music, drinking half liters of beer out of glass containers, drinking half liters of Caipihrihnas from the same containers. Janet got her ass grabbed. I was given a squeeze on the shoulder by someone in the crowd. Amanda, much to her chagrin, left the street party unmolested.

Afterwards, we headed over to Joe Penas for dinner. Well, smack my ass and call me sally, it was really good Mexican (tex-mex) food. They made the guacamole at the table with fresh lime, an avocado, and pico de gallo. At my request they added chorizo to the beef fajitas to give it that Mazatlan taste that I remembered from many years ago. They had Herradura tequila.

A great party. Great Mexican food. Overall, a great night in Munich.

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