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Wednesday Night

Janet and I started going to the Toronado on Wednesday nights because not only is Ian on shift, but the crowd is usually smaller than on Saturday nights, the other evening he works. Notice how we said usually… because last night, the crowd was massive. Hordes of yammering yuppies trying to pick each other up.

However, when we walked in, I noticed our usual seats were open. It seems that a pack of 5 yuppies were standing by the seats trying to figure out which ones of them would sit, and which would stand. So, Janet and I just walked by them and grabbed the seats. Ha, we say. Ha.

The night was relatively uneventful. Janet quaffed a couple pints of Guinness, and I had a Lagunitas Maximus and a Boont Amber. The crowd thinned around the time when we finished the first pint… and a couple of locals came in and occupied the newly opened up seat. The first to arrive was Jeff, the owner of Rosamunde Sausage Grill. He was followed by Johnny who had just gotten back from hanging out with his mother in Portland. Johnny came by and said hi, then went to his table of friends and downed a couple of beers. But at least before we left, he called us over to do a shot of Underberg. We left less than two hours after arriving feeling extremely relaxed.

It’s nights like this that make going to the Toronado worth while.

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