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Lazy Bastard Bird


For some reason, the TV at the Toronado was tuned in to a nature-type show about snakes, alligators and capybara (large rodent-type creatures that resemble beavers, also known as “water hogs”) A long-legged bird stood on top of a capybara as it swam through the water (Avery identified this bird as the “Lazy Bastard Bird.”) A snake that was, like, one of me wide and fifty of me long ate one poor capybara. An alligator ate another. Then a capybara gave birth. Birds pecked at the placenta, then tried to eat the baby capybara itself. It fell into the water, and the fish had their turn. Poor capybara. Every single person at the bar (Ian included) was staring at the television set, enraptured by the time-honored struggle of nature against itself.

Posted in The Barfly Chronicles.

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