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While Avery and I were having our little mini-vacation at the Hotel Sofitel a couple of Fridays ago, we decided to take advantage of their hotel pay-per-view movie system and watch "There's Something About Mary," since everyone we know that has seen it has commented that it is such a good movie, and noted how it is so hilarious, and that they have never laughed so much at a movie in all of their lives. Well, $8.95 later we were wondering if we had seen the same movie as everyone else, because Something About Mary was very un-funny.

OK, to be fair, there were one or two laugh-out-loud funny parts, like when Matt Dillon over-sedated the dog and then has to try to bring him back to life, but what was up with Chris Elliott and the hives? (Every time I see Chris Elliott, I can't help but think of the episode of his long-since-cancelled sitcom "Get A Life" where his neighbors got sick from some bad shellfish, and I guess it affected their brains because he was able to "control" them and made them do the Alley Cat for 2 days straight or something.) So why the resounding success of this movie? Was it the ever-growing hordes of Adam Sandler-type lowbrow humor-loving fans that have been rushing to movie theaters lately? Or was it the fact that Mary embodied a male fantasy of a Perfect Woman who drinks beer, plays golf and watches Sports Center while still being able to show her sweet and sensitive side (in dealing with her retarded brother, for example) at the drop of a hat; a woman who is as smart as a whip and, most importantly, model-pretty and stick-thin to boot? Or maybe I'm just missing something, and things like catching a fishhook in the mouth and using you-know-what as hair gel (huh?) really are funny.

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