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A Special Guest Entry from Carlos

The idea of visiting an excellent brewery, meeting the owner, and fresh-tasting some of the best beers I’ve ever had, was just too good to pass up. I plowed through my afternoon work to get the hell out of the office and meet Avery to head off to the Speakeasy Brewery in Bayview.

When Forest [ed: the President and co-owner of Speakeasy] poured us the White Lightning, I kept looking at Avery to see how he’d react (knowing of his earlier experience with it). The first thing that struck me was the strong, refreshing citrus aroma — I can’t think of any beer (or many drinks of any kind) whose aroma is as pleasant. I took a sip, thinking of Hoegaarden, and was a little surprised at just how tart they made it, without losing the sweet, fresh-fruit aspect. It’s not something I’d drink frequently, but I can’t think of any beer I’d rather have when I’m tired of other beers.

Forest was totally cool – someone completely dedicated to his craft, without that innovation-blindness some brewers have, but more importantly, having the audacity to really grab an idea by the balls and get all he can out of it.

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