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Archived Observation

I don't remember if I ever told you about our neighbor. No, not the asshole neighbor who used to crank up his techno music at two in the morning… the woman who lived kitty-corner from us. For six months or so, every morning, our neighbor would stand at the floor-to ceiling window and iron her clothes while naked, or at the most in her underwear. Then every evening, she would come home, strip down to her skivvies and lounge around, again, in front of the open window.

Now before you think that we're some kind of Peeping-Tom perverts, let me explain. One night, while watching some mindless sitcom, we noticed the cat meowing at the window. So, I went over to the window to see what the heck the cat was meowing at and I noticed her… standing in her window… with the light on… stark naked.

I'm certainly not a prude, but if I ever walk around naked at the apartment, I usually close the shades… or at the least, I avoid the windows.

Anyway, the nudie neighbor moved out about a month ago. This afternoon, the new neighbor moved in. Though I doubt we'll be seeing her prancing around in her tightie-whities… but the next time the cat sits at the window and starts meowing, I'll just have to wonder… is it a sparrow flying by or is it my neighbor standing there and ironing as naked as a jay bird?

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