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Dinner and Drinks

Carlos decided to come over to our neighborhood after work, so the three of us decided to go out for a nice Thai dinner, followed by some beer at the Toronado. We made it to the bar at around 8:00pm and scrounged up some seats at the bar. On the way in, we noticed two things. One: there were a lot of new beers on tap, including the Arrogant Bastard, Lagunitas Lagunator and Imperial Porter, 20 Tank Brewery’s Nit-Wit, and the Anderson Valley Winter Solstice Ale. Two: the yuppies were out in an annoyingly large force.

Carlos and I decided to start the night off with a Celebrator Doppelbock. The Toronado was one of the first bars in the world to get Celebrator on tap, and it is an amazing beer. Truly, I would pick Celebrator above a [Spaten] Optimator or a [Paulaner] Salvator. Janet had a Hoegaarden. I then moved on to a Lagunitas Imperial Stout. Boy, was this a treat, as the Toronado is currently the only bar in San Francisco to have this beer available on tap. The beer has an IBU (bitterness rating) of 75 and has an alcohol-by-content volume of 8.2%. Carlos had a

Speakeasy Untouchable Lager and Janet continued working on her Hoegaarden.

9pm came about 15 minutes after we got that last round, which meant that it was time for the changing of the guard behind the bar. Pauly left, and Kirsten and Johnny stepped in. Kirsten promptly brought Underbergs. Over the next hour or so, the yuppies started crowding in… asking for the “beer with the chicken on it (Sonoma County Red Rooster)” and being generally annoying. Heck, Kirsten’s boyfriend couldn’t even stand dealing with the crowd and left. However, the growd be damned.. I wanted more beer. So, I ordered up a Lagunator, Janet got another Hoegaarden, and Carlos left for the East Bay.

About ten minutes after Carlos’ departure, we packed up and headed home. As we left, the yuppie next to me asked if my seat was open. I hope my response of “Do you see me coming back, you ass?” didn’t offend him.

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