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Has doing nothing ever taken more out of you than being active? If you haven't, then you obviously have never been tattooed. This afternoon, I went in to see Idexa at Black and Blue Tattoo to get the color touched up on my latest tattoo, and to see some designs that she worked up for my arm. For those of you who don't remember, I am working on a forearm tattoo piece… currently, it consists of four fish (flounder, cuttlefish, skate and tuna) and some seaweed that I had sketched up on my own about six months ago. When I got to the shop, she surprised me with a new set of fish based on my original four: a crab (which I love), a seahorse (which I love), a conch shell (which I love), a jellyfish (which she is going ot re-work based on some suggestions) and a starfish (which didn't float my boat, because I just don't like starfish). So, it looks like I'll be back in the shop this December to get these new sea creatures permanently etched into my arm.

Anyway, back to the tattooing process. As the tattooee, all I had to do is sit still and do nothing. It's Idexa that has to do all of the work. However, after three hours of solid adrenaline and endorphins, I am just plum worn out. I barely have the energy to even write… but it's worth it. As they say: if it didn't hurt and last forever, everybody would have a tattoo.

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