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MUNI or Bus?

Over the past two weeks or so, I’ve been following the usual avoid-the-damn-underground-and-take-the-crowded-bus routine. One notable episode happened during one of the times that I was taking the 21 Line, y’know, the one that doesn’t really take me anywhere near to where I live, but that I have to take because all the buses that do are packed? Unfortunately, the 21 was also packed that day and halfway home the bus driver stops at a bus stop and, for some inane reason, lets more people on. Due to the sardine-can status of the current passengers, this was impossible. The driver then stands up, turns around to face the bus and says, while looking at the obvious lack of room, “Can’t you all just show some consideration and just move back?” Then somebody swore at him, and nobody really moved anywhere. At least this commute wasn’t like the time when the driver did the same thing — let more people on than the bus could hold — and then said “we’re not goin’ anywhere ’til I can see the door” and then proceeded to sit there while the stoplight turned from red to green to red to green. When some of the passengers told her that there was literally nowhere to move to, her oh-so-brilliant response was “Well, then someone’s gonna hafta get OFF!” If this isn’t something to make your blood pressure go right through the roof, I don’t know what is.

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