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Afternoon Beer

Yesterday, I had a God-awful 6am conference call that lasted for four hours. That’s bad. However, due to the fact that I had to get up so early, they let me work from home. That’s good. Home, of course, is less than a block away from Rosamunde and the Toronado. That’s really, really good.

So, after I finished up my work for the day, it was time to head to the Toronado for a few beers. There’s something very comfortable about going to the Toronado during the afternoon… it’s pretty deserted: a couple of regulars and the delivery people bring that night’s kegs are there. It’s nice, the glasses are really clean, the jukebox is off, people are reading the newspaper… some of us are having a late lunch. It just feels like what I thought a neighborhood bar would feel like when I was a kid.

Anyway, Jennifer was on shift… she was talking about her new puppy and David (the owner) was there doing setup for the night and complaining about a sunburn he got while at a friend’s wedding in Hawaii. Since it was early in the day, and I only wanted enough beer to stop worrying about work stuff, not enough to get buzzed, I only had a few beers. I started off with the Petaluma Strong Ale, one of the best seasonal ales. From there, I moved to a Hop Ottin IPA… an all time favorite! Since I was feeling the Hop Ottin, I moved to a very light wheat beer, and Erdinger… a German Hefeweisen… with a wedge of lemon. A perfect last beer of the afternoon. We’re going to the Toronado tonight, so expect another update tomorrow!

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