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Poncho Wearing Crazy

An evening in the Lower Haight would not be complete without a crazy person coming into the Toronado. On the 4th of July it was that 20-something guy who wandered aimlessly around the bar, then claimed he was having a heart attack, started crying and saying that no one loved him, and finally started throwing drunken punches at the bartenders. Last night it was a older hippy-looking guy, complete with matching headband and poncho, who was evidently having some words with Ian the bartender. I’m guessing that he wasn’t too happy with the outcome of the conversation, because as he was leaving he started chanting “Hate-ful, hate-ful, hate-ful” and then in a fit of anger threw a…french fry. He was aiming for Ian, I’m sure, but it just happened to hit Avery square in the chest. Random Quote of the Night: Ian, as he lit a cigarette at 1:45 AM: “The law was written for me, as an employee, not for you guys, and I don’t really care. He cares, (pointing at Johnny, the other bartender) and I care about him, but I don’t care.” [referring to the no-smoking law in CA., which no one really pays attention to anymore.]

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