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For some strange reason, I haven’t been having any MUNI trouble getting to work by 7:30 in the morning…a bus usually comes within 5 minutes and it’s never really packed. Getting home, however, has been an entirely different story. Since the underground is at a virtual standstill due to the glitch-ridden computerized automatic train system, I’ve been avoiding it like the plague. Evidently, so has everyone else. By the time any buses get to my stop, which is only, like, the third stop into the route, the buses are beyond full and the drivers won’t let anyone else on. On Thursday, since it was my turn to go to the grocery store, I waited for an F-line above-ground train which drops me off right there. 3 F’s went by completely full. All of the buses that take me within a block of my house were also full. After watching the full buses go by for half an hour, I started getting a panic attack. I was trapped downtown! There was no way to get home and it was way too far to walk! This could go on for hours! More and more people started standing at the bus stops, and every time a packed bus came along, a collective shout of four-letter words would ring out. Scowls were everywhere. To make a long story short, I ended up taking the 21 line, a bus that goes nowhere near my house or the grocery store. I ended up walking 8 or so blocks to Safeway and then walking the 5 blocks home. Of course I had on my most uncomfortable, most unruly work skirt on, the one that likes to twist around and “ride up” while you’re walking with a heavy bag on your shoulder. So not only was I pissed, starving and sick of walking in work shoes, I also had to keep pulling my skirt down every 2 minutes.
Total commute time, including the 9-items or less line at Safeway: 2 hours. (Usual time, including groceries: 45 mins.)

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