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MUNI Sucks

MUNI Sucks!
On my way home, it was my turn to go grocery shopping. So, after a decent 15 minute ride on the J-Church line, I was at Safeway. So, I pick up everything that I needed for tonight’s dinner (chicken breasts marinated in a barbeque sauce that I make from scratch, fat-free refried beans, and spanish rice) and proceeded to an open register. When the cashier finished up with the groceries, I said “Oh and two fast passes.” So, the cashier gets on her intercom and calls the courtesy clerk desk who promptly informs her that they were our of fast passes. Give me a break! It’s the second day of the freaking month (each month’s fast pass is good until the 3rd) and they’re out??
Tomorrow, I am going to have to go out to a pharmacy by the office, get fast passes and bring one to Janet’s office so she doesn’t have to shell out a dollar for the ride home. Sheesh! It just proves that something has to go wrong every single day with the San Francisco Municipal Railway.

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