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Morning a loss

Call me a geek, but I am really bumming these days. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is on its final season. This means that for about a year, there will be only one Star Trek show on network television, and that's the crappy Star Trek: Voyager. I remember when Voyager first came on the air… my father and I were psyched up for it. We called each other before it started, and my father promised not to call me until after the episode finished (he is on eastern time, and I am, of course on pacific time&#41. I remember watching the opening few minutes… then the intro with that damn sappy music… by the time the episode was over, all I could think is that if Kirk was running things, that damn ship would have been back in the Alpha Quadrant in about 15 minutes, and he would have spent the last 45 minutes of the show getting a better crew. So, in an effort to start viewership, they brought in some big-boobed borg in a skintight catsuit and high heels. Ok, we let Counselor Troi get away with wearing a skintight number, so I can give the Voyager creators some leeway on that one… but high heels? High heels have no place on a military vessel… no matter what century it is.
So, back to my original statement, instead of killing off that dog of a series named Voyager, they're killing off DS9. How many times can they orphan poor Worf? First they blow up the Enterprise on him, then they kill his wife off, and now he's going to be homeless once again. What are they going to do? Shoot him into the Delta Quadrant in order to save Voyager's crew (and its ratings&#41? Hey, Rick Berman (producer of the Star trek series&#41, why not send Voyager to that big scrapyard in the sky and keep DS9 around until you can find a suitable replacement series?

And what about poor Morn? Are there any other space bars for him to be a barfly?

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