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Things That Make Me Tense: Safeway

On the list of  Things That Make Me Tense, riding MUNI and going to Safeway (our grocery store here in SF&#41 are pretty much near the top. Doing both in one day is enough to send a person to the nearest gun shop, which is why we have to take turns being the one who has grocery detail. Today after I got off of the sardine can, I mean the train, I did my shopping in a relatively stress-free atmosphere.  I started putting my groceries on the checkout counter when all of a sudden, from out of nowhere swoops a woman who starts putting all of her stuff on the counter at the same time, thereby combining our groceries together. She couldn't even wait for me to put the little plastic divider on the counter, nor could she wait for me to put my little basket on the basket pile at the end of the checkout.  After the dust from the whirlwind cleared, she noticed that our groceries were now combined and finally decided to separate her stuff from mine. Unfortunately for my blood pressure, in doing so she took half of my produce, then got a little touchy when she noticed me plucking my green peppers and yellow onions from her pile of food. I guess she had to then further punish me by doing the hovering thing, where the person behind you in line stands about one inch away from you, so close that you can barely swipe your card into the card reader machine. I'm not one of those people who are paranoid about someone seeing their PIN code, but isn't there, like, an unwritten at-least-pretend-not-to-look rule?

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