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San Francisco Cuisine

Can San Francisco fuck up simple food any more?!? Today, I went to lunch at Max's by my office [on Fremont Street] and ordered a Corned Beef and Pastrami Sandwich. The Corned beef and Pastrami was great, and the corn-rye was good as well. The problem is the damned condiments. The horseradish is not real horseradish…it has eggs in it and tastes like mayonnaise. Then, the mustard. Oh, the mustard. It sucked. Why not use simple Goulden's or Plochman's mustard??? The Beaver brand (mustard and horseradish&#41 used throughout this city is vile. It's weak and flavorless.. it can't stand up to the corned beef. ARRRGH!
The same thing goes for Blueberry muffins. My ex-Senior Manager (A New York City ex-patriot&#41 and I have searched the city for a good blueberry muffin. But in San Francisco, every muffin has Wheat Germ or Oatmeal or some other non-muffin crap in it.
It's sad. San Francisco can do ethnic or complex food really well, but it screws up the simple stuff. Give me a good Dunkin Donut instead of some fru-fru San Francisco donut any day.

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