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Hairwatch ’98

What better excuse to go to the Toronado twice in one day but their Eleventh Anniversary? (or any of their anniversaries, for that matter.) I mean, how can you beat $4.00 for a PINT of Framboise, a drink which is usually $6.50 and comes in a fancy glass that’s smaller than a pint. Raspberry heaven! That was at 3:00. At around 9:00 we went back to visit the 9 PM-shift bartenders Johnny and Ian, who for some reason decided it was Disco Night and were wearing the appropriate 70’s clothing. Ian’s shirt was covered with butterflies that resembled flying watermelons (that was the 70’s for ya.)

HairWatch ’98 Update: The astute reader may remember that a week or so ago, I was a little disappointed that Johnny had cut off all of his blonde and spikey hair. Good news! It will be blonde again! (I got this right from the horse’s mouth!)

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