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Just a bad couple of days…

Today is a day of major depression for Avery. Since my mother is in town visiting (from the oppressive land of Connecticut&#41, I took this as an opportunity to work from home. However, today, my mother decided to go see the 12:15 screening of Saving Private Ryan… which left me free for lunch. So, at around 2pm, I decided to go to Rosamunde for an Italian Sausage sandwich (with onions, peppers and sweet mustard&#41 and instead of eating the sandwich at home, I decided to stop into the Toronado to eat the sausage and have a beer. It was nice to see Dave and Jennifer… and I got to try a new Belgian Brown ale from Liefmans. In the process of having the beer, I picked up a copy of Celebrator Beer News, the authoritative journal for beer in the West Coast.
Page seven revealed the shocking news: "The consequences of this statewide action designed to "save us from ourselves" is just now being felt. The neoprohibitionists (tobacco and alcohol&#41 are euphoric in their successes. On Wednesday, July 15, one of our industry's model brewpubs closed for good.Barley & Hopps in San Mateo, CA, was shuttered, unable to sustain its early years as a great restaurant, superb maker of beer, Blues Club of enormous importance (ask John Lee Hooker&#41 and cigar and single-malt emporium of unique proportions. Some staff members admit that they never recovered from the antismoking ordinance."
So, to all of the State Politicians that thought that the anti-smoking legislation wouldn't hurt business in the State of California, I have just one thing to say: Fuck you.

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