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Yesterday was the commute from MUNI hell. After dragging my ass out of bed way too early in the morning, I proceeded to head down to the corner of Haight and Fillmore to catch the bus. Bus 1 comes by and it is completely packed. It would take a bucket of vaseline and a shoe horn to get in. Not a problem, I see another bus coming down from the Divisadero Street hill. Bus 2 – completely packed again. Not a problem, it’s still early, so I decide to wait for another bus.
10 minutes later, when it was obvious that another bus was not coming, and the crowd of people now waiting reached 20 or so, I decided to walk to the underground. A 3 minute walk later, I see an N-Judah coming! So I run to the stop… there are only 2 other people waiting… it looks like it’s going to be an easy ride! I might even get a seat! Wrong.
The blithering idiots at MUNI were running single cars, instead of the usual double-cars. For some reason, the MUNI managers feel that is they run less buses or less cars, that less people will get on the bus, and therefore it will be less crowded. HAH! So, I squeeze onto the streetcar and prepare to go underground. All is going well, until we get to Montgomery Street Station. 1 minute after leaving Montgomery street station, the streetcar just stops. We stayed at rest for about 25 minutes while waiting for “clearance” to pull into Embarcadero Station, my stop. One of these days, I’m going either buy a car or a shotgun.
Total commute distance: 2.5 miles.
Total commute time: 1hr, 5 mins.

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