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Digital Cable and Groovy Asses

It's horrible. Yesterday, we got that new Digital Cable installed. As part of the install, we decided to get HBO installed. Yesterday, we watched Tampopo on the Independent Film Channel. Then we watched that new Sarah Jessica Parker show Sex in the City on HBO. Today, we watched The First Wives Club. By now, you are probably thinking, "What the hell is Avery complaining about this time?" The problem is that now, we have no reason to leave the ass-grooves that we have permanently embedded in the couch. You see, the nice thing about renting videos is that you can pause it so you can go to the bathroom, or do some house work, or just turn it off and pick it up the movie again in the morning. With HBO, you have to stay parked in front of the screen… because with HBO there is no pause. Well, time to go, Drew Carey is coming on.

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