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We don’t have a car for many reasons: a) we can’t afford one right now, b) we couldn’t afford insurance and gas for it even if we could afford one right now, and c) unless you have a parking space (which we also probably couldn’t afford right now), there is absolutely no parking around our apartment. So we rely on MUNI to get everywhere. Over the years we have learned to cope with it’s many problems, but even with a lot of patience the constant annoyances still tend to get your knickers in a major twist. Today we waited for a while at the nearest bus stop, but as per usual, no buses seemed to be coming our way. We decided to walk to the underground and take that. Everything was fine until the train suddenly came to a dead stop in the tunnel, practically giving everyone whiplash and prompting an old man to yell in disbelief, “are you crazy?” Turns out the reason that the train stopped was computer failure (oh, that makes me feel safe). A couple of hours later we decided to try to get home via the underground, got on the train and discovered that the computer must still be failing, because we would intermittently stop and sit and sit and sit in one spot. No explanation or anything. Why don’t they ever let us know what’s going on? And why do they even let people pay a dollar to go downstairs to the station when they KNOW that something’s wrong and the trains aren’t running? One of my biggest fears is to be trapped in one of those trains — some of those people look so craaazy!

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