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Good for a nosh…

Good for a nosh…

Review of: Katz Bagels
By: Avery Glasser
Rating: 4
Read review on Judy’s Book.

As a transplanted East Coaster, I’m very particular about my bagels because, let’s face it – most of the people west of Mamaroneck don’t know how to make a decent one.

Case in point, the donut-like sponges from Noah’s Bagels, which locals praise for their texture and range of “schmears”. A good bagel doesn’t need strawberry pesto schmear. It needs cream cheese or chive cheese and possibly a slice or two of nova lox.

Katz Bagels is probably the closest thing to a good New York style bagel shop in the FiDi/SOMA area. They have the classics: egg, plain, onion, garlic, rye, poppy and sesame to name a few – and a couple of “berry” ones that have become popular recently. The bagles themselves are pretty darned good – a little bit of elasticity in the crust and a soft yet dense dough inside. For me, a garlic bagel with chive cheese, a slice of red onion and a slice of tomato with a little bit of lox on top is a perfect way to start the day.

Noah’s? Feh. Try Katz!

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