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A Better Alternative to NetFlix

A Better Alternative to NetFlix

Review of: GreenCine
By: Avery Glasser
Rating: 4
Read review on Judy’s Book.

One of the problems with living abroad is that I have become woefully out of touch when it comes to the movies that came out in the past few years. I originally used NetFlix, but the local depot was consistantly mis-shipping my discs (getting a notice in the morning that the disc was shipped, and then another in the afternoon saying it was received back), so I decided to try a local alternative.

GreenCine is a San Francisco based movie service, offering a wide selection of new releases (including television series), international, anime and even adult films (if that is your thing). Discs are shipped from San Francisco and it never takes more than a day from receiving the shipping notice until the disc arrives in my mailbox.

One of the great things about GreenCine is how well you can control the lists. I can set the system to grab the discs in order (locked), based on the first one available (unlocked) and even keep it unlocked but track a set of discs as a series so that I make sure I get a multi-disc set in order (so, it will grab the first disc available, but will make sure that my Firefly Disc 2 isn’t shipped until I’ve watched and returned Disc 1).

If you want a good local alternative, or are a classic/international movie buff, it’s a much, much better option than NetFlix

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