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Sometimes you don’t get what you pay for

Sometimes you don’t get what you pay for

Review of: Yank Sing
By: Avery Glasser
Rating: 3
Read review on Judy’s Book.

A Yank Sing haiku…

Randomly priced treats
Why are you so expensive?
Ton Kiang? Better.

There are much better places for Dim Sum, such as Ton Kiang, but 40 minutes on the 38 Geary is just too darn long of a trip when you just want a quick couple of dumplings and some buns. So, the premium price equates to a penalty for lazyness. No consistency on the pricing or itemized receipt (take a hint from Tian Sing) makes me suspect that a $40 lunch for two one week costs $70 the next.

Overall, the food quality is good – but not nearly as good as when they operated the Battery Street location. The Rincon facility on the weekend is just too large and impersonal. A good place to introduce visitors to Dim Sum and when someone else is paying.

PS: if Ton Kiang is only two syllables instead of the three I think it is, make the last line of the haiku “Ton Kiang? Much Better”

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