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I’m in a cooking state of mind…

I’m in a cooking state of mind…

Review of: Sur La Table
By: Avery Glasser
Rating: 4
Read review on Judy’s Book.

Whenever I need some esoteric cooking implement, I always head over to Sur La Table, and rarely, if ever, am I disappointed. German bag-clips for sealing cereal bags? Yep – and in three sizes. Japanese Slicky for grinding sesame seeds? Check. New England crocks for storing all of my utensils? Check (ordered and held for me for a month when I was still living in Germany and waiting for a business trip to bring me back to the states to pick it up).

The only problem is that every time I go there, I end up getting something – a citrus press here, a silicone basting brush there. The only point off is because of their house-brand All Clad knockoffs. I picked up an 8 inch stainless steel frying pan, and the weight balance is so off, that if you don’t put it JUST RIGHT on the gas burners of my stove without anything in it, it flips over – not something I want with a red hot pan.

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