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A Night of Debauchery

A Night of Debauchery

Since we finally moved all of our extra stuff from the apartment to our storage unit thanks to the amazing work from Two Gals With a Truck, we decided to take a break and enjoy the weekend with a night of good food and drink.

We started the night with a Trumer Pils, a Pilsner from Salzburg, Austria’s Trumer Brauerei – but produced in their new Berkeley brewery. It’s a great pilsner if you make sure to pour it into a glass instead of just drinking it out of the bottle. Properly served, it’s a perfect example of a continental pilsner beer.

Gelateria Naia
Finishing the beer, we jumped onto Muni to the Castro to sample Gelateria Naia‘s wares. I had the Fior di Latte and Pistachio, while Janet tested the Mr. Espresso and Pistachio gelato. With time to spare, we decided to walk over to Mecca for cocktails. I had a Flor de Noche , a Sugar Cane Vodka infused with Lavender and a sprig of rosemary, and a Whisky Slip, while Janet stuck with a Spicy Green Apple Martini.
Flor de Nochespicy apple martini.

As the clock hit 7:30, we left for dinner at Winterland Restaurant, a new eatery on the corner of Sutter and Steiner. We started with cocktails, Janet having a Campari Cooler while I went for a Free Man in Paris, a perfectly mixed whisky drink.

After the Amuse Bouche (a melon soup with lime foam), we ordered a carafe of Grüner Veltiner for our appetizers (Tai Ceviche with jalapeno and watermelon and two bowls of White Corn and Dungeness Crab Soup.

Janet stuck with an Austrian Grüner Veltiner with her main course, a bass with roasted peppers

However, I moved to a Gösser beer from Austria
with my duo of pork belly and cheek with amaranth grain and edamame.

Dessert started with cappucinos, though I couldn’t pass up a glass of 2003 Lillypilly dessert wine to compliment my carmelized brioche with olive oil ice cream. Janet had cornbread with blackberry chutney.

As the night ended, we both were satisfied, having had a dinner that could have competed with the 1 star Michelin restaurants in the UK.

I promise to edit this better on Sunday, but I’m off to bed…

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