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We’re still here…

August is Vacation Month here in Germany – and even though we aren’t actually doing anything other than the occasional long weekend out of town, we’re respecting the notion of the vacation and taking a small break from site updates.

We’ll start posting again as we start our countdown to the 2004 Wies’n!

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  1. gisela says

    Oktoberfest Countdown Munich, Floating Beergardens

    On one of my leisurely, low impact, bike rides I passed the campsite Thalkirchen (U3 Thalkirchen, Bus 57) today. All quiet before the storm, big “reserved” signs in English, camper vans lined up. Thalkirchen is one of several camp site destinations for Oktoberfest revellers, opting out of hotel and hostels. Crossing a nearby bridge I came upon the landing place for traditional river rafts. These are not wild water rafts but made out of rough hewn logs tied together with a platform for seating on top. This is how loggers brought their cut wood to market in the last century.Today it’s for corporate outings with a brass band and beer thrown in. You could call it a floating beer garden.

    Greetings from Munich
    Oktoberfest 2004
    Gisela M. Strauss

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