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This may be a little belated, but I felt the urge to present my own two cents on the Barbara Walters/Monica Lewinsky interview last Wednesday; not so much because I have any kind of vested interest in/obsession with the whole Presidential situation, but because I have read and heard a lot of interesting (and telling) comments since the interview. Cent Number One, regarding the Monica-as-cow imagery: let's stop calling Monica "fat," shall we? She looks good — nice skin, pretty hair, and some actual meat on her bones which makes her look, well, normal, not to mention very feminine. Cent Number Two, regarding Hillary Clinton-as-victim-and-strong-female-role-model: como se dice "huh?" Hillary Clinton isn't a role model, she's an enabler. Aside from remaining married to the lying, cheating, pathetic mess that is Bill Clinton, (who, as rumor has it, had sex with in the range of 100 women by the time he was 40 years old) what has she really done? (smiling, waving, endlessly restyling her hair, turning the other cheek, and turning a bunch of lofty, liberal sentiment into a children's book don't count.) The day that she removes herself from the Presidential coattails, divorces Bill and accomplishes something as a successful single woman rather than the wife of the Commander-in-Chief, only then will she be anywhere near achieving role model status. 

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