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Golden Gloves

Because I’m in intensive boxing training as I prepare for Golden Gloves at the end of this month, I have had to change my diet: more protein, less starches, more greens and no beer. The first three dietary changes were easy, but the removal of beer from my diet was a challenge.

Honestly, I have been pretty good about my self-imposed prohibition… I can count the number of beers that I have had in the last 3 weeks on a hand and a half. But this weekend, I decided to take a one-night break from my dry spell and mosey on into the Toronado for a quick drink.

We made it to the bar Saturday night around 10pm and sidled up to the bar. Unfortunately, the ten-thousand other people packed into the place made it impossible to get a seat. Still, within a few minutes we were able to find a couple of seats and started in on our first round. Janet had a Hoegaarden White, while I decided that if I was only gong to have one or two beers that I wanted to have an Aventinus. That led to a pair of Underbergs and an invite to Johnny’s (the bartender) birthday party.

The place was filled to the brim with insensitive yuppies. One snuck in a can of the Silver Tampon (that’s Coors Light for all of y’all out there). Another pair decided to sit at the bar for an hour or so without even ordering a drink. A third asked Tad if he was their server. Assholes. All of them.

Fast forward 30 minutes. The Aventinus was working its magic and I was ready for my second (and final) beer of the night. Janet and I both selected the Meteor Pils, a light Pilsner style beer from Meteor Brewing in Belgium. The only difference was that Janet only ordered a half-liter, while I decided to make my second beer a big one and had a whole liter.

It was exactly what I was looking for… light and malty with no significant hop taste.

Sadly, my night of debauchery ended at 12:30, and we were home and asleep before last call.

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