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A long week…

Four PM, Friday afternoon marked the end of a long, dragging week. So, we decided to go to the Toronado for an end-of-the-week beer.

Friday: 5:10 PM – after exiting the 71 Limited that brought me back from the brink of hell (that is to say, the Financial District), I immediately crossed the street, making a bee-line for the Toronado. As I walked by Rosamunde, I noticed that Jeff (the owner) was tending shop, so I decided to stop in to see what he was up to. What he was up to, I immediately found out, was

Lamb and Lentil Stew… and Weiner Schnitzel.

Aah… Jeff’s Weiner Schnitzel. He only makes it once in a blue moon, but as soon as the word gets out, his shop is practically overrun with locals wanting a plate of his perfect Schnitzel. If you’ve never had Wiener Schnitzel, let me describe it for you. Weiner Schnitzel, aka Vienna (Wein) style fried port cutlet. Jeff takes thin-cut pieces of port, seasoned and then dredged in flour. He then pan-fries the cutlets and serves it up with sweet and hot mustards. I placed an order for the Weiner Schnitzel and then promptly walked over to the Toronado to have an anticipatory beer.

The beer… Speakeasy IPA (which I still call Barfly Pale). The bartender… Pauly (and Steve). The Weiner Schnitzel… as perfect as always.

Janet made it about 30 minutes later, and she ordered up a Blanche de Meteor, a belgian witbeer which is similar to Hoegaarden White, but a little less sweet with a nicer yeast taste. I took this opportunity to order up a Speakeasy Prohibition Ale. I really need to drag my ass back to Speakeasy to say hi to Forrest, Eric and Steve.

At 7pm or so, Ian came in… so we decided to stay for another beer. Janet had another Blanche de Meteor, while I decided to have a Lagunitas Hairy Eyeball (a dark, hoppy ale).

We left at 7:30, making a stop at Rosamunde for a take-home bowl of Lamb and Lentil Stew and a second stop at Sunshine Market for a few British candy bars.

Saturday, 10pm… post sushi – Janet and I decided to make a quick hour-and-a-half trip to the Toronado. Ian and Robert were on shift, which means that we could have stayed as late as we wanted… but we had stuff to do at home, so we cut it short. The beers… Janet had a pair of Guinness and I had a Lagunitas Maximus (IPA) and a Speakeasy Barfly Pale. I really hope that Forrest and Eric decide to continue making the IPA, because it’s quickly becoming one of my favorites.

That’s all for now.

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