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Archived Observation

When Janet and I went to get new glasses two weeks ago, the doctor performing the eye exam noticed that there was a slight anomaly with my optic nerve. It seemed that the nerve in my left eye was smaller than the nerve in my right eye, Though it wasn't anything to panic over, he decided that it would be prudent for me to get my eyes dilated so he could do a more thorough exam. Since we were his last appointment of the day, he asked if we could come in on the 20th for the dilation.

Fast forward to yesterday. We wake up about an hour before the appointment, so we have to head over to the optometrist's… in the pouring rain… with no food in our stomachs. We get into the shop, he puts in the drops, and we are sent to the waiting area while the drops take effect.

Over the next 20 minutes, the drops did their duty… making everything fuzzy and really, really bright. The doctor brings me in, shines a light-house power beam into my eyes and informs me that the nerve looks fine and healthy… but to get it checked again in 2 years to make sure that it's not a degenerative problem.

Five minutes later, Janet was given a clean bill of [ocular] health and we left for home… with a smashing headache, a crashing blood sugar level and no sense of humor.

Needless to say… yesterday afternoon just sucked.

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