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Archived Smirk

After walking home from dinner at King Foot Subs last night with Janet and Molly (a co-worker&#41, we decided to stop into Sunshine Market. Sunshine is this little convenience store that looks like it's nothing special… but once you walk inside, you're treated to one of the largest selections of British and Irish foods in the city.

Since it was post-dinner, I was having a craving for something sweet… maybe a candy bar or something. However, I am not really a chocolate person… except for my one weakness: Cadbury's Chocolate. Actually, not just any Cadbury's Chocolate… it needs to be the British-made Cadbury's. No preservatives, no fillers… just good old 20% cocoa butter Milk Chocolate. Hell, all British chocolate is great.

Sunshine had all of my favorites: Aero bars and Kit Kat bars, Cadbury Fruit & Nut bars… and in a half-empty box, Cadbury Flake Bars.

Flake bars are quite possibly the best thing that Britain has ever produced. I remember when I took my first (and only&#41 trip to London in Junior High School. I brought back two cases of Flake bars from the Duty Free Shop (as did a few other people who were on the trip with me&#41. They take little slivers of shaved chocolate and press it into a bar, creating this light little chocolate bar that melts as soon as it hits your tongue. By the time we left, I would end up purchasing six candy bars (three Kit Kat bars and three Flake bars&#41 for the weekend.

This afternoon, Janet and I split a Flake Bar and a British Kit Kat. Truly, I was in heaven.

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