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Playstation… for girls too!

I usually don't find myself jumping on the feminist bandwagon all too often. I don't go hunting and picking through ads to find misogynist influences and subliminal messages, but a couple of weeks ago, I didn't have to: it just jumped out at me. It's the new ads for the Sony Playstation, which show a picture of the Playstation with captions like "To him, it's like a dozen long-stemmed roses" and "If he's at home, he can't cheat on you." Aside from implying that women are suspicious, paranoid nags, the thing that really offended me was the whole "Our audience is largely male, so we will only aim our ads at said male audience." I love my Playstation, just as I have loved all of my video game systems in the past, and I'm a girl. I know other girls who love the Playstation. I saw two pre-teen girls at the mall ,why, just a couple of weeks ago drag their dad into Electronics Boutique so he could buy them a Nintendo 64 and some games. I understand the whole marketing thing, but don't the Playstation people know they have a potential customer base of girls, both young and old? (Unless they keep offending us with their ads, that is.&#41

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