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The Simpsons

Friday night, after dinner at Hahn’s Hibachi with Janet and Carlos, we went out to the Toronado for a quick beer. Jennifer, Dave’s (the owner) girlfriend was behind the bar, and she served up our first round… which Carlos and I wanted to be a Prohibition from Speakeasy Brewery… but she told us that the keg was blown and that there wasn’t another keg available. So I ended up ordering a Lagunitas Maximus, as did Carlos. Janet had a Guinness. Carlos left at 9pm, and Johnny and Kirsten came in to relieve Jennifer. We decided to stay for another round of the same, and we headed home early.

Saturday Afternoon, after dropping off the new door-hangers at Rosamunde (I do their graphics work), we popped in to the Toronado just to see who was on shift. Ian was there… so we said “Hi” and told him that we’d be back later that night.

Saturday Night, around 11 pm. Oy, what a crowd.

We got in around 11 pm and were greeted with a three-deep at the bar yuppie crowd. So, Janet and I spent most of the night standing next to (and talking to) Tad the bouncer. Over the next few hours, I would drink massive quantities of Prohibition Ale (I guess they did have a second keg hidden back there) and Janet would drink an equal amount of Hoegaarden White while we talked to Jim, Todd, James, and a whole host of other regulars that were hanging out with us over in “Regular’s Corner.” By 1am, the crowd thinned and we got our usual seats at the bar.

Janet and I kept on drinking Hoegaarden and Prohibition Ale (respectively) as we sat at the bar talking to Ian and Johnny (the Bartenders). The night went on and on and on….

Sunday, 7 am. We go to sleep.

Sunday, 7 pm. Since Ian told us that he was working the 4-9 shift at the Toronado this Sunday, we decided to stop in for a quick beer before going to grab dinner. It ended up that we spent about two hours before deciding to go home and get takeout.

Janet ordered up a Guinness, but they were out (horror of horrors!) so she decided to get a Beamish, which as you know from previous entries is just a roastier tasting stout… not as easy to drink as Guinness, but still very drinkable. I decided to go for a Lagunator, which Ian delivered to me in a half-liter Spaten beehive mug.

We planned on leaving at 8, but then the Simpsons came on. Ian killed the jukebox and cranked up the TV and the whole bar quieted down to watch the show. The Simpsons is certainly more fun when you watch it with 50 other barflies.

We left a little after 9pm… not that we didn’t want to talk to Kirsten, the 9-2 bartender… but we were just plain tuckered out from all of the last few days’ worth of drinking.

All I can say is this: My liver. My poor, poor liver.

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