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Disappointment Is:

Watching Jeff Foxworthy do his entire "You Know You're a Redneck if You…" schtick on his HBO comedy show because…well, frankly because there's nothing else on on Saturday night and you're just too damn lazy to get up and do something else, and then going out to the Toronado and coming back home at 2:00 AM and turning on the TV only to find out that you have just missed by a matter of mere seconds your favorite comedian Denis Leary's "Lock and Load" comedy routine on HBO which you have only seen but once on that night two New Year's Eves ago when all your friends agreed that yes, it would be fun to get a room at the Marriott downtown, but who all ended up "changing their minds" at the very, very last minute, leaving you to pay the bill for the entire amount of the $275 "Special New Years Eve Rate" for the room in which you drank a bottle of champagne and delighted in Mr. Leary's excessive use of the f-word, and though you search the digital cable guide in vain, realize that it's not gonna be on again any time soon.

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