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Archived Smirk

I was watching public television late one night a long time ago. All the lights were off because Avery was sleeping, and I ended up watching a show about smart animals. One of the animals was a grey parrot who could communicate with people. He could tell the differences in shape, color and material of different objects. He could identify a keychain and even say "keychain" — not just "key" or "ee-ayn," but "keychain." all sounded out and everything! He also said "I want to go home now." I thought for sure no one would believe me. Last night, on the horrendous  Guinness Book of World Records TV Special "Guinness Prime Time," lo and behold, there was that parrot! His name, we have learned, is Alex, and yes, he said "keychain" again, much to my excitement. He has also learned to say and understand the words "shower" and "wool," among other things, which was so damn cute I almost shed a tear. I have no idea why this bird affects me so.

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